Code of conduct

Our company Kryta A/S is committed to a sustainability policy which includes respecting universally recognized standards for the environment, human rights, labour, and anti-corruption.


The Danish working environment legislation complies with:

  • cEU Directive 89/391 on the implementation of measures to improve worker safety and health at work
  • cEU Directive 89/654/EEC on health and safety in the workplace
  • cEU Directive 92/58/EEC on the minimum requirements for signaling in health and safety at work
  • ILO Convention on safety and health at work


The Danish authorities ascertain that our company complies with the Danish safety regulations.


Suppliers to Kryta A/S sign a Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire which includes the following statement:


Suppliers to Kryta A/S must abide by the international standards for:

  • Human rights
  • Child labour
  • Employee rights
  • Environment
  • Bribery prevention


Code of Conduct – CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


17.04.2019 JJL